Email notifications about estimate requests submitted through the Zoopla valuation tool


The Zoopla valuation tool is an online widget that provides free house price estimates to those seeking an instant valuation, while generating valuation leads for your business. It champions your agency’s brand, and is quick and easy to integrate into your website.

The Zoopla valuation tool is built to send you email notifications in real time when a lead is submitted. When setting up your Zoopla valuation tool, you will be asked to give the email address you'd like your sales valuation requests sent to, and the email address for your lettings valuation requests. You can use the same email address for both departments if you wish. 

If you would like your leads to be sent to multiple email addresses, just give all the addresses to the Operations team. Each address will receive a copy of the lead information.


To get multiple email addresses added, you first need to ensure the Zoopla valuation tool is enabled.
For more information on Signing up for the Zoopla valuation tool, click here

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