The Zoopla valuation tool is an online widget that provides free house price estimates to those seeking an instant valuation, while generating valuation leads for your business. It champions your agency’s brand, and is quick and easy to integrate into your website.

When you're ready to configure the Zoopla valuation tool for your website, you'll need to give us some details on your brand. 

  • Display name - This is the name that will appear on the second page of your Zoopla valuation tool. It could be your branch name, or, if you're a multi-branch firm, it could be your company name. Make sure that the name you use clearly reflects your business and its entities, as this will be used to contact the potential vendor or landlord once you receive the lead

  • Display address, email, and phone number - These are the details which will appear on any email which is sent, so if a potential vendor or landlord wants to get in touch with you after receiving their online house price estimate, they will use these details

  • Your logo, and primary and secondary colours - These will be used on your Zoopla valuation tool to make it look like it belongs to your website. If you have multiple brands, you should pick what matches the branding on the website where your Zoopla valuation tool will be live


  • You can choose if you want to display both sales and rentals house price estimates, or only sales, or only rentals
  • The Zoopla valuation tool only supports residential properties
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