What information will a potential customer see, if they request a valuation through the Zoopla valuation tool?


The Zoopla valuation tool is an online widget that provides free house price estimates to those seeking an instant valuation, while generating valuation leads for your business. It champions your agency’s brand, and is quick and easy to integrate into your website.

Once a potential customer has submitted their details through your Zoopla valuation tool, they will be presented with the following information immediately on your website:

  • The sales and/or rental house price estimate range
  • A confidence level of either "medium" or "high" per estimate range
  • An email with the same valuation information, in addition to the contact details of your branch, advising the potential customer to contact you for a more accurate valuation

The potential customer will not be shown the actual valuation figure; instead, they will be shown a house price estimate range. They will always see the confidence as either medium or high, as we do not surface values of low confidence.

If the confidence level is less than 50%, rather than presenting a range, your potential customer will see (both online and in the email) the following phrase: ‘There was not enough information available on the property to provide an estimated range online. Please contact us directly to arrange an accurate valuation from one of our property experts.’ This phrase will also be presented where no valuation could be returned due to a lack of available data.

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