There are several reports you're able to use as material for your valuations within ZooplaPro. 

Some key outcomes of following this advice:

  • An understanding of the available ZooplaPro tools and the USP (Unique Selling Point) for each of the reports
  • The awareness to revisit your current valuation reporting processes and seeing if you could improve on and enhance them

This article includes: 

Comparables report builder

The Comparables report builder, accessed from within the Winning instructions tab, provides evidence of how similar properties in the area are performing, using current and historic data, and can help to build confidence in your valuation. This allows you to accurately manage vendors’ and landlords’ expectations.

The report is highly customisable for your vendor or landlords. We pride ourselves on the fact that you can customise the report more than you can with other portals, which really helps you control the conversation in the living room, ensuring your vendor or landlords receive a tailored property comparison report.

When creating the report, once you've specified the area, Property type and price range for the property you’re valuing, you can choose to make further Refinements, if necessary. This includes removing descriptions, the price history and changing around/selecting photographs, before selecting the properties for the report.
These options allow you to present the report a lot cleaner. If for example, the description on each of the properties you've selected don't help your conversations, you can simply remove them. Similar to the photographs, it's recommended choosing the key selling points of those comparable properties so you can clearly show the vendor why you've chosen them as a basis of your valuation.

Once you've made these Refinements, you can preview your report. The Customisation pane can be tailored depending on what data you wish to include in the report, such as Agent Details, Customer details, Map & Charts, Sale history and estimates

 Best practice

  • It's advisable to include Agent Details as well as Customer details, as these will help further personalise the report and show you've spent time in building the right report for their home. Entering your direct email address, adding a personal note or comment also adds the personal touch
  • Update the branding so it shows Zoopla & PrimeLocation. You'll be able to show the vendor or landlord that you can offer them further exposure by being on both portals
  • Consider also matching the address your visiting with our website records as you'll be able to add in our Zoopla estimate

Once you have selected what information to include in the report, click Customise to update the report preview. You can then Email your report to any address, or Print/Save as PDF to have to hand for the valuation.
For more information on how to Build tailored reports with Comparables report builder, click here

Property valuation report

The Property valuation report uses a unique valuation methodology built by Hometrack, whose data is relied upon by 85% of the UK's largest mortgage lenders. Each report takes a couple of minutes to complete and includes an independent valuation estimate, rental estimate, and detailed local market insights.  

It's a great report to build and showcase credibility, and to manage price expectations. It's also useful to know that if you gain a mortgage buyer for that house, there will be a high chance the lender will use our reports to produce their valuation of the property. 

 Best practice

  • Providing a professional looking report with accurate up to date local market insights and with your own company branding instils confidence with your customers and is a great tool to help win instructions
  • We recommend preparing these for every market appraisal. As well as helping you to build credibility and backup your valuation, this also reflects well on you as a company and shows you have taken additional steps that other competitors may not have

For more information on the Property valuation report, click here

Share of listings report

The Share of listings report, within the Monitor market tab, is used to review your business performance over time and track your competitors. It displays the number of your properties and your overall share of the market for the area you operate in, during your set date range.

This is the only report that can be shared externally, as long as you display it as a Pie chart. You can also export it to .csv or .pdf via the Export button. 

 Best practice

  • Filtering the report to a particular area of the market to see where other brands have a good share of listings, you can use the data you collate to help see what areas you could canvas in to promote your brand further and drive more vendor leads
  • When preparing for a market appraisal, it's useful to use the Share of listings report to show that you are the top agent in the area and how much of the market you are dealing with giving potential vendors/landlords confidence in your brand

We see a lot of agents share this on their social media accounts, in their shop windows or print it off for valuations. It's great to show when you've had a lot of success in the market to show visually how you are performing against other agents.

This report can be used amongst the Comparables report and along with the Property valuation report. It will help you to gain credibility by backing up your stats with evidence, as well as trust, because ultimately if you are having success, why shouldn't you be used as an agent.
For more information on the Share of listings report, and, how to use the other reports within All market activity, click here

Marketing download materials

As part of your ZooplaPro membership, there are a variety of marketing materials available to download which will help to advertise your brand, and better engage with vendors and landlords, by showing the wide extent of the marketing you can offer through Zoopla.

Downloading marketing materials is a great way to help you sell the benefits for why a vendor/landlord might use your agency. Perfect if you are selling Premium Listings or Featured Properties if they instruct, or, if you are trying to navigate a price reduction.

Each of the marketing materials hold some really key stats and benefits which could help to deliver benefits. They can also be handy to take out to market appraisals to show the benefits of marketing with Zoopla which is what you can offer them. For example, Zoopla generating 70 million site visits a month is something to shout about!
For more information on how to Download marketing materials, click here
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Create your own

Knowing your stuff can really help! Let's get you and your team involved with the latest property market stats. Zoopla Advantage is a great way to become an expert in your market, helps create urgency and plus it offers great tools in order to build social media content to target new vendors/landlords.

You're able to access Zoopla Advantage for free, but why not subscribe to ensure you receive an email every time a new report is published. We know of agents that use these stats on an initial vendor/landlord bookings, as well as for producing short, effective videos in delivering this data on their social media accounts.
From our research, we find that the most effective videos are around 2-3 minutes long. Therefore it doesn't take up a great deal of time and it's a great tool to help put your brand in the market and to drive additional traffic. Not failing to note that you can use it to build urgency and credibility in the living room! 
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