In any conversation where you're talking about the marketing you offer, it can be great to talk about how widely your listings are seen. Individual vendors and landlords will benefit from seeing their own Listing performance report, but broader conversations can be supported with specific stats too. 

  1. Log in to ZooplaPro
  2. Click the Manage listings tab
  3. Click the relevant property category, for example, Residential sales listingsResidential letting listings or any other department you want to look at
  4. Stats for your property listings since they were listed, are displayed (Search appearances, Listing page views, Email Leads)
    1. To view more in depth performance data, click Listing performance report alongside the relevant listing to view data for the following time periods; Since listed, Last 7 days, Last 14 days, and Last 30 days
  5. Click Export and select the format you'd like:
    1. CSV Export will enable you to open the data in any spreadsheet software, such as Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets
    2. XLS Export will enable you to open the data in Microsoft Excel
  6. Confirm the email address to which you'd like the export sent - this will default to the email address you use to sign in to ZooplaPro
  7. Click Send report 
  8. You will be emailed your export shortly. Once you've received your export, use your chosen spreadsheet software to count up the total number of Search views, Detail views, Search clicks, or Number of email leads
    1. Your total Search views is how many times all your listings have appeared in the search results on Zoopla 
    2. Your total Detail views is how many times your listing details pages have been seen
    3. Your total Search clicks is how many times a user has seen your listings in their search results, and clicked through to a listing 


The report will be emailed to you as soon as it's ready. If you haven't received it in 24 hours, contact Member Services. You can either email, or, click Submit a request below and complete the contact form

 Best practice

Use the total Search views to talk about the number of home seekers who see your listings. Your logo appears alongside all of those listings, so a high number here could improve your overall brand recognition

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