Our aim is to help you find new potential opportunities and get the most out of your Zoopla membership. In this article, we’ll look at the tools already available to you to help you attract more vendors and landlords. 

This article includes: 

Identify seller opportunities in your local market using ‘All Market Activity

Take a look within the Monitor market tab in ZooplaPro to compare your branch activity against competitor agents within your local area. 

Use this insight to see where your strengths and weaknesses are so that you can focus your efforts in the right place.  Track fallen-through sales, price reductions or properties that are taking a while to sell (slow movers) to find new opportunities or to encourage potential vendors or landlords to sell/let with you.
For example, government research on buying and selling homes has found that 18% of experienced sellers were more likely to change agents because they believed they were not getting enough viewings, so having an insight into which properties are not selling can provide you with a whole host of potential opportunities.
Make use of the map view to focus advertising, prioritise boards or target Valuation Booster in that area. If you have a successful month of new instructions then you could even use the Share of market tab to create a visual graph that you can use in your office windows or on appointments to showcase your success to potential customers.

Stay ahead of changes with local market alerts

Save time by setting up market email alerts that will notify you of any changes in your market so that you don’t have to manually search to find out what is happening. Set up multiple alerts to suit the type of notification you want, for example your valuers may want to focus on slow movers and fallen throughs where as a negotiator may want to see what is happening in the whole market. 

Showcase your expertise in the living room with trusted valuation reports

Stand out to potential customers by using both the Property valuation report and the Comparables report builder. These in depth reports are the perfect way of choosing the most accurate comparable properties to back up your valuation while showing your customer that you’ve done your research for them.
The extremely customisable Comparables report is the perfect handout to leave after a valuation as you can really personalise it to your customer.
The Property valuation report is a highly reliable and credible valuing tool as it is powered by Hometrack who’s valuation methodology is relied upon by 85% of the UK’s largest mortgage lenders. You can use both reports together as research to further support your valuation figure.


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