When uploading listings, it's incredibly important to include as much information as possible for maximum impact. It's the first point of call for potential buyers to see the property, whilst also showing your vendor that you have worked hard to showcase their property in the best possible light.


When uploading a listing, try to adhere to the following Best Practice tips:

  • Select a Property type - If a property seeker searches for a property but filters the search by property type, your listing won't show in the search results if it doesn't have the correct Property type added
  • Add the Tenure and any relevant charges/information - Add whether the property is Freehold or Leasehold, and any relevant charges to ensure that no relevant information is missed
  • Add the number of rooms and a short description - List the rooms, including what type of room and the number of them, so that property seekers will quickly know if it's suitable for them or not. Try to focus on the key details within the description as attention is likely to be more focused on keywords and visual content
  • Add your key Features - Make use of the ability to add up to 9 additional Features to highlight the most important information at the top of the listing
  • Stay up to date with In Your Area - Stay up to date on the local area, and the top words used by property seekers when looking for a property, by using In Your Area
    For more information on Zoopla In Your Area, click here
  • Add high quality photos and virtual tours - Include high quality, accurate photos in the same orientation, showing a variety of rooms. Ensure they're clear, clutter free and a good representation of the property
    For more information on How to add photos to a listing, click here
    For more information on Adding videos and virtual tours to listings, click here
  • Be sure to include a floor plan - Our research shows that floor plans lead to a search click increase of 15% for sale properties and 12% for rental properties
    For more information on Adding floor plans and EPC reports to listings, click here
  • Add an EPC - Ensure you include an EPC, as not only is it a legal requirement, but having the data readily available for property seekers can save time as a low or high EPC rating can be a deciding factor

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