Using Zoopla insights to convert valuation leads


Our data shows that the stock of homes for sale is 16.8% down on last year. To stimulate the market, we’re giving the 42% of homeowners currently starting to think about selling, a nudge with our new homeowner product experience as part of our current marketing campaign.

To put you in control, we want to share our insight into homeowner behaviour on Zoopla. Use this insight and our pre-prepared seller guidance to help move homeowners through the lifecycle and get them ready to instruct you.

In this article, we’ll look at the journey we’ve built for homeowners to get them interested, help them find the right agent, and generate a valuation lead for you.

This article includes:

Improve your conversion rate with a tailored pitch

Get to know the journey homeowners go on to provide a seamless customer experience.

Homeowners can find their way to Zoopla for many different reasons. We’ve recently made some changes to the site to help them gather information on their property and keep them coming back until they’re ready to speak to an agent.

You told us in our research that it’s important to make it clear to consumers that what they see on Zoopla is an estimate, and to get a property valuation they need to speak to a local agent. We’ve changed our messaging to support this on our homepage and throughout our homeowner experience.

Our How much is my home worth section on Zoopla is a popular starting point for homeowners as they can view an initial property or rental estimate, track a property or get an agent valuation.

Our registered database of homeowners has grown 85% in the last 6 months, providing us with a large and growing number of potential vendors for you to convert. On the Property Details Page, consumers can find and track a property they’re interested in. Recent changes to this page have tripled the number of homeowners who are registering - which means we can continue to nurture them until they’re ready to speak to you.

Give homeowners more confidence to sell/let

Homeowners move on average every 20 years, and our goal is to get more people thinking about taking the next step, so we’re engaging with homeowners earlier in the lifecycle to turn passive owners into active sellers.

To keep their home front of mind, we provide lots of useful content to our registered consumers such as market insight and guides on selling, buying, renting, and certain locations. You can utilise these guides and market insight to give your potential vendors and help them build their confidence around selling.
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