Market intelligence is a critical tool for any business. It’s particularly important in the property industry, where politics and the economy can impact the market in a big way. To help you and your team make sense of it all, we offer all our agents market-leading property insight regularly and at no additional cost. In this article, we’ll walk you through how to use it all to support your business decisions.

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Use Zoopla Advantage for insight

Zoopla Advantage is a free website where we share property insights and industry news, to help you and your team excel. Use all of this available content for your own marketing channels, social media or even reference the data when talking to your customers to boost your credibility as a market expert.

How you can stay ahead of trends

Each month, we publish the House Price Index Report, which is full of the latest market data and predictions about prices, supply and demand, to help you plan where to focus your efforts. Our Rental Market Report - published each quarter - is a deep dive into the latest rental market data.


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