Best Practice for using Zoopla tools to promote your brand via social media


Using social media to further promote your business and listings is a powerful tool these days. Therefore, it's never been more important than to make the most of the tools that are available to you.

The market is becoming increasingly competitive and standing out from the competition is key. In this article, we discuss what Zoopla tools are available to you and how you may look to employ them to your advantage.

This article includes: 

Branch Profile

The Branch Profile is effectively your online shop window and your opportunity to sell your business and services to potential customers.

Whether you are beginning to use social media or you are a heavy user already, you have the ability to link these profiles to your Branch Profile creating a more complete showcase of your brand.

Available socials to link:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram

Share of listings report

Within ZooplaPro, you have access to the Share of listings report within All market activity. It displays the number of your properties and your overall share of market for your area, during your set date range.


This is the only report that can be shared externally, as long as you display it as a pie chart

As you can publicly share this pie chart, you may want to publish it on your social media channels along with some contextual information. Using the information in this manner could allow you to reach a broader audience and bring in additional leads that may not have been within reach previously.

Zoopla Advantage

Zoopla Advantage is a free to access website, packed full of property insights, industry research and news.

Best practice may involve quarterly or monthly updates on the market local to your area, and potentially you may look to run nationwide insights to demonstrate your understanding of the property market as a whole. This information is provided by Zoopla for you to use as you wish, but most importantly you are encouraged to use this as your own information to empower your business.

Marketing materials

As part of your ZooplaPro membership, there are a variety of marketing materials available to download which will help to promote your brand, and better engage with vendors and landlords, by showing the wide extent of the marketing you can offer through Zoopla.

A range of Logos are available to download as .eps, .jpg, and .png file types.

Two documents that are provided (and able to be branded with your company logo) are ‘Preparing to sell your home’ and ‘Getting your home ready to rent’. Both of these documents are great marketing tools and are something that we would encourage you to use on valuation, within your office and also on social media. You might have a section to keep documents saved, possibly be running a campaign or offering free professional advice to potential sellers and landlords. What you may find is that using Zooplas thoughtfully put together literature as your own, genuinely helps someone who has not moved for some time and offering this with no obligation would almost definitely set you apart from your competitors.

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