Using Zoopla Advantage regularly will keep you up to date with property insights, industry research, market statistics, and best of all it's completely free to use!

This articles covers some of the ways you can leverage Zoopla Advantage to gain industry trusted market insights and how you can use these insights to benefit your business.

This article includes: 

House Price Index Report

To provide you with more detailed analysis, it would be beneficial to download the House Price Index Report. This HPI report is updated monthly and shows you national statistics, which are also broken down into 20 different cities in the UK property market. This is a great report for building credibility and trust in your brand, and it could stand you apart from your competition because you'll be able to have more in depth conversations with your vendors or landlords.

It also gives you a good idea on how the market is performing. If you've seen a change in the market, for example, a decrease of applicants over a certain period of time, the report may be able to come up with a possible reasoning to this.

As all the figures can be shared, you can use them to engage with your customers. If you're selling lots of properties, why not post on your website or social media that UK house prices are growing 3.9%. The call to action being a market appraisal to encourage an instruction. 

Rental Market Report

The Rental Market Report is industry trusted data that's produced quarterly. This is another great report you can use to engage with your customers for marketing purposes and for conversations with your landlords. The report is powered by Hometrack who are trusted by the top 85% of UK mortgage lenders. The report is structured very similarly to the House Price Index Report but as the title suggests, it's just focused on the rental market.

How would you use this data? Let's say for example, you're a letting agent based in Liverpool and you're speaking to a potential new landlord who is thinking of letting their property. After looking at the Rental Market Report, you'll be able to identify that it takes on average 13 days to let a property in that area. Therefore, you could suggest that the rental market is relatively quick in comparison to other cities and there has been an annual change in rent by 2.1%. Promote how good a time it is to let a property.
You could gather that there's a good chance for you to gain more applicants for your agency. Therefore, you might want to post on your website or social media about how quickly properties are renting in Liverpool and that it would be good for applicants to register with your agency now for new instructions.

In Summary...

How could you use these reports for your business? Well, this is a great way to stay ahead because other agents in your area might not know of the market news, reports, or trend offerings, helping you be more informed than your competition. You'll be able to write your own blogs/articles on these subject matters tailored for your area, and it could be a good way of starting to engage with your audience on social media for example.


During this article, there has been a focus on marketing but there are other ways in which you can drive more traffic to your website. One way is via the use of additional portal enhancements such as Area Sponsorship.
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All data used in the article is from Zoopla Advantage and is up to date at time of publishing.

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