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Having a completed Branch Profile section is a great way to promote your brand to potential customers. Not only is it visible via the Find agents section of Zoopla, but should a potential customer view one of your listings and click through further to find out more about your branch, this is where they will see what is effectively your online shop window.

In an increasingly competitive market, it’s never been more important to capitalise on this opportunity, to sell your business and services to potential customers, and stand out against other agents in your area.

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The Overview sub tab contains your Description, Website and Social Media URLs, Agent affiliate groups and Administration Fees (for Lettings agents). 

  • Logo - One of the first and most important things you can do. If a potential vendor is looking to sell their property and get an appraisal, it’s likely they will gravitate to their local brands. If they are on the Find agents section and see a profile with no logo, they might not form that connection with you and it won’t leave a good impression or give them the image of a caring, professional outlet.
    By avoiding the scenario of ‘if you can’t sell yourself, how can I expect you to sell my property’ and showcasing your identity, you will be increasing your brand awareness. Working in tandem with your Description, over time it will help to continue to grow your brand and outreach to potential vendors, as you consistently become more recognised and synonymous for providing your service(s).
    For more information on How to update a branch or company logo, click here

  • Description - First impressions are formed within seconds. When a potential customer first sees you in the Find agents section, they'll see a short description of 115 characters. Use this character count to highlight something special about your branch or service straight away, to make you stand out from other agents. This helps to encourage potential customers to click Show more to read more about you in detail and see if you're a part of any schemes/membership bodies, which may also help to sway them.
    The full description allows you a 2000 character limit so you have plenty of space to shout about who you are, what your values are, whether you are an independent or a local branch that’s part of a regional network. Emphasise the services that you offer - do you specialise in marketing certain types of properties for example. You should also provide a background on your branch or business. 
    As potential customers find it easier to trust and build rapport with agencies that look established and personable, the Logo and Description are the first things that are seen. The presence of a logo, alongside a description covering who you are, what you do best and stand for, backed up by listings statistics, you will have painted a full picture of why you should be chosen ahead of your competitors

  • Website URL - Drive that traffic and allow customers to find out and see more about you, similar listings or additional services that they may have not been aware of. It also helps to back up the points you’ve raised in your Description and reassure them that you are a credible and trusted brand.
    A good, visually appealing and easy to use website will leave a long-lasting impression and reaffirm that you are a brand that will promote your vendor's properties via multiple touchpoints, which are accessible to all audiences

  • Social Media URLs - Having properties and/or articles promoted via as many channels as possible will increase your traffic, which will increase the likelihood of receiving a lead. It also provides that extra level of engagement to customers as they can be made aware of, and be notified, as soon as a property or article is uploaded.
    Property seekers will be faced with a listing that might be of interest when browsing their social media at any time of the day, having not seen it or considered it before. Getting that edge ahead of the competition could end up becoming that winning lead

  • Agent affiliate groups - Talk about or include the branding of any schemes and membership bodies that you’re a part of as this will increase the level of trust in your brand, and build consumer confidence.
    For example, if you're an agent that specialises in rural or period properties, shout about how you are an affiliate of RICS. This can have an impact in swaying customers and giving them peace of mind on the quality of your service

Opening hours

Adding in your office Opening hours will show when you are available, setting the expectation that should a consumer prefer the traditional face to face approach, the branch will be open and a member of the team will be available to speak to them. Should a consumer have a query, whether it be through Zoopla, or via a phone call or email, it also acts as an indicator as to when they can expect to hear back from you.

Meet the team

Completing the Meet the team section will bring a personal touch to your business. A consumer can see and understand more about the roles of your team, who they are, what their accreditations are and their work contact details. It’s important to build that level of trust with them - let them feel that familiarity with you before they’ve even met you.

Photo & video

Add a photo and / or video of your branch to help build familiarity. Completing this, as well as Opening hours and Meet the team, provides customers with a complete picture of your brand. They will know your branch, who your staff members are, and have a complete feeling of familiarity and also be safe in the knowledge they can trust you. 

 Best practice

A good Branch Profile, working in conjunction with the Featured Agent portal enhancement, is a great way of boosting your brand by highlighting your branch as an agent of choice to those searching for an agent to market their property
For more information on Featured Agent, click here

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