Setting the Building Information and Risks for your listings


When manually uploading a listing to a residential sales/letting department, it's important that you add the relevant Building Information and Risks so the listing meets the requirements as set out by National Trading Standards, and appears correctly on site.

To set building information and risks:

  1. Log in to ZooplaPro
  2. Click the Manage listings tab
  3. Click the relevant sales/letting listings department
  4. Click Add listing to add a new listing, or locate and click an existing listing to edit it
  5. Scroll down to the Building Information and Risks section. This section is required as set out by National Trading Standards, however, information on Building Safety Issues, Coastal Erosion, Mining Activity and Flood Risk only needs to be included if a property is affected by an issue.
    Below Construction Materials, enter a list of relevant construction materials (i.e. Thatched roof) which may incur future costs or impact insurance
  6. Below Building Safety Issues, enter any known building safety issues, defects or hazards. If there are none, leave this field blank
  7. Below Coastal Erosion, click Yes or No accordingly if there are any coastal erosion risks to the property
  8. Below Mining Activity, click Yes or No accordingly if there are any coalfields nearby which presently/may potentially affect this property. Then, click Yes or No accordingly if there are any other mining related activities
  9. Below Flood Risk, click Yes or No accordingly if the property has experienced a flood event within the past 5 years
  10. Complete the remaining sections and fields if you haven't already, as set out in How to upload a listing. Then, click Save. Your changes will be live on Zoopla within the hour

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