Best Practice using Performance overview


The Performance overview gives you a high level overview of your status and performance with Zoopla during a given time period. It’s a central place to gather some key reporting information about your properties, such as the number you have listed, Search views and Search clicks.

You can also view your lead numbers that have been generated, split into phone calls and emails.

  • When it comes to using Performance overview, it's advisable to set some time aside in the diary whether this be daily or weekly, just to closely monitor your performance as a branch. If you cover both sales or lettings and one particular department is outperforming the other in a particular catchment area, look at implementing any changes that could bring the other department inline to increase the performance. You might consider following the same advertising methods that they have in place, for example

  • See how many of your properties are Premium Listings and keep track of how many credits you have remaining. If you are nearing the end of the month and you have credits leftover, consider upgrading any listings that aren't premium listings to avoid losing your credits, and in turn give your properties the best possible exposure

  • Check your properties Search clicks against the branch average. If the Search clicks are low for a particular property, you might want to consider refreshing the primary photo for your listings, and updating the Full description to be more engaging
    For more information on How to change the primary photo on a property listing, click here

  • Have a look at the total listings you have in both sales and lettings in your specific outcodes to see where most of your activity currently is. We recommend checking regularly to see which outcodes you aren't so prominent in and use this information to target areas for future marketing campaigns

  • Print the Performance overview to aid in discussions during your branch meetings or save as a .pdf to send it to your team members

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