Check your performance using Performance overview


The Performance overview gives you a high level overview of your status and performance with Zoopla during a given time period. It’s a central place to gather some key reporting information about your properties, such as the number you have listed, views and clickthrough rates.

You can also view your lead numbers that have been generated, split into phone calls and emails.

This article includes: 

  1. Log in to ZooplaPro
  2. Click the Manage performance tab
  3. Click Performance overview

Date ranges

When viewing your Performance overview, the date range automatically defaults to the last 7 days, so the reporting information is current and relevant. You can adjust the date to a custom range should you wish to run comparisons to previous months or years, or to monitor property or lead trends.


The Properties section shows you statistics for the overall number of properties you have had on the market for each of your departments, and in what catchment areas.


This is the total number of listings which have been live at any point during the date range

 Best practice

It can be a really useful way of seeing how your departments (sales/lettings) are performing. Does one of your departments perform better in a specific catchment area? Consider mimicking the advertising methods you’ve employed there for your other departments as well

Premium Listings 

If you have Premium Listings, this section allows you to see whether you are subscription based, alongside how many premium listing credits you have remaining and the date of their expiry, or if you are pay per listing.
Crucially, it’s an easy way of identifying all of the properties you currently have assigned as Premium listings, and when the Premium listing status on each property will expire.

 Best practice

If your Premium Listings are subscription based, don’t forget to check if you have any credits outstanding towards the end of the month. Double check you’ve made your recent listings Premium listings', so that you’re giving your properties the best possible exposure


This displays, by department, the number of times your properties appeared in search results (Results page), and the number of times the full property listing was clicked through to (Details page). The clickthrough rate percentage is then calculated to show you the average rate at which your full property details are viewed based on how many times they appear in search results.

 Best practice

If you find that your Details page views and Avg. clickthrough rate is low, you might want to consider refreshing the primary photo for your listings, and updating the short description to be more engaging


This section gives you the total number of email enquiries (Total leads) your branch has received from Zoopla within the set time range, as well as a breakdown of the type of email enquiries.
Click through to see in more detail who contacted you and when, for which property and any messages they sent through. 

Telephone calls

The final section is Telephone calls. This helps you to keep track of the number of calls you're getting from Zoopla, versus the number of calls which come in where you were unable to answer in time.
You can click through to see in more detail when the calls came in, their origin, the length of the call and whether it was answered or not.


Calls that are Answered include those which are connected to your answering machine, regardless of whether or not a message was left

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