We want to help you and your team work more efficiently and get the most out of your Zoopla leads. We have put together this article to include different ways you can make the most out of every lead and find new business opportunities.

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Get more value from ‘just curious’ valuation leads

Firstly, have you been looking at your ‘just curious leads’? Homeowners who don’t want to sell or rent  straight away have the option of selecting ‘just curious’ when they are enquiring about a valuation through us. These leads can sometimes be overlooked, however, this first conversation with these homeowners is critical to identify the path you will take them on.  They could sell, or they could decide to be a landlord. Once you know what point they’re at in their vendor journey, you can nurture them to help build your database of local homeowners for the future, creating a valuable pipeline.

Use phone lead recordings in your training

Any Zoopla phone lead that calls your branch and lasts over 10 seconds is recorded and can be played back in ZooplaPro. You can use this in staff training to make sure your team represents your brand in the best possible way, every time. This is found within the Manage performance tab within ZooplaPro. 

Find patterns in your past leads to optimise your conversion rate

Look at your past leads to find patterns, for example do you convert more phone or email leads into valuation appointments? Does the time of day make a difference to whether you convert them? If you use ZooplaPro, your leads report will show how many leads you’re getting, and where they’re coming from - by email or phone.


You can view more about this in our dedicated video here

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