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AdReach Express is our award winning self-service, location based, lead generation tool which helps you target potential vendors and landlords after they've left the Zoopla site. It uses Zoopla data to increase the precision of your online targeting, to help you build an online presence and stay top of mind.

  • AdReach Express can help you to effectively manage your leads by meeting the customers unique expectations in relation to the speed and channel of communication.
    As there is a large difference in demographics, there will be customers who still prefer traditional communication and advertisement methods. They may see your advert in print and like hard copies of materials along with regular telephone calls, whilst other customers may see it on social media, and prefer emails and text notifications. These channels work in different ways and so you can’t treat the leads in the same manner.
    With this in mind, you’ll need to consider how to pitch to them, as well as focus on providing a more accessible, on demand service. For example, a pitch that is more data driven with short, sharp and concise evidence. The online focused audience expects a quicker turnaround, multiple ways to get in contact with you and more of an ongoing dialogue through electronic formats, i.e frequent and comprehensive emails. (This can be beneficial in helping to prioritise a quick turnaround for a valuation!)

  • For vendor leads that came via AdReach Express, shift your approach in marketing to meet their unique expectations around digital presence over printed materials. Factor in how you apply the style of your marketing in promoting their property.
    Ensure you are marketing their property through social media channels, and that it’s visually appealing and engaging on your website. You may find it unlikely to have them accept the offer of a prominent window card, but they will more than likely want a brochure that looks good, sent by email. There’s also a high chance that they’ll prefer their conversations with you to be via email, rather than phone.
    To maximise your success, consider which parts of your service are core to your brand and which you can change, to meet the needs of the demographic and audience

  • Consider your target area well. If there are areas you want to grow into, you can target additional outcodes to get your brand and properties exposed to and viewed by a wider audience

  • Aim to update your property image every 6-8 weeks as this is the optimum time frame in order to keep the advert fresh and have the best chance of success

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