AdReach Express, later known as Audience Connect, is now combined into our Remarketing solutions
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AdReach Express is our award winning self-service, location based tool which helps you target potential vendors and landlords after they've left the Zoopla site. It uses Zoopla data to increase the precision of your online targeting, to help you build an online presence and stay top of mind.

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How AdReach Express works

We monitor multiple touch points across By tracking user behaviour, we're able to determine which users are likely to be vendors, and are therefore able to identify high-value traffic with a strong tendency to convert into a lead.

By targeting the location of your choosing, AdReach Express will showcase your adverts to highly-engaged vendors across their Facebook and Instagram channels.

Every user that clicks on your advert will be driven to a personalised chatbot experience. This custom-built bot starts the conversation and then swiftly sends your lead directly into your property management software, and ZooplaPro.

Keeping your campaign up to date

 Best practice

We have a variety of best practice recommendations that you should keep in mind when using AdReach Express
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Editing your booking

You'll find a link to edit your booking in every email that Zoopla sends you from AdReach Express. The link will take you to the original page where you placed your booking.

As you follow the steps, you'll notice your details have been pre-filled automatically. From here, you'll be able to make changes to the following fields:

  • The email address and phone number
  • The branch area and business name that you want to show in the ads
  • The property and logo images (to be able to change them, you'll first need to delete the current one before uploading the new one)

Please ensure all fields are filled out before submitting.


All changes will not be saved unless you follow through and click Submit at the end of the booking. By clicking Submit at the end of the journey, you will not be placing a new booking, you will only be editing your existing booking, and you will not be billed twice


  • How will I receive my campaign statistics?

You will receive your campaign statistics via email on a monthly basis.

  • Can I preview my ad?

Yes, you can preview it in the confirmation email sent to your chosen email address. You can also preview your ad in the campaign statistics emails.

  • Can I edit the ad copy?

No, the text is automatically generated based on the information provided in your booking form.

  • Can I upload a custom image/graphic instead of a property image?

Yes, we encourage you to upload a custom image or graphic to replace a property image if you prefer. We understand that sometimes a custom image or graphic can better represent your brand or message. Please note that the image must meet our image guidelines and be approved before it can be used in your campaign.

  • What constitutes a "Click"?

A "Click" occurs when a user interacts with your ad by clicking on it to go to your chatbot. Even if the user doesn't fill out their details, the click is still captured, indicating that the user is interested in the ad.

  • What is a “Lead”?

A "Lead" refers to a user who shows interest in your ad by submitting their contact details through the chatbot, enabling your agency to provide them with a valuation of their home.

  • How will I receive my leads?

Leads will be automatically sent to your CRM software and ZooplaPro. The leads sent through to your CRM will be visible through the correct tagging.

  • How will I be billed?

You'll be sent an invoice from our finance department outlining your payment terms each calendar month, as you are an existing ZPG customer.

  • How do I cancel my contract?

If you don't wish to renew your contract, you can either contact directly or provide written confirmation to your Account Manager. According to the T&Cs of the product, written confirmation must be received at least 30 calendar days prior to the date you wish to cancel.

If you wish to contact the team, you can do so via email at

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