The Listing performance report allows you to build a bespoke and customisable property listing statistic report which can be emailed or printed and sent to your vendor or landlord, which will provide them with an insight on how their property is performing.

The report can provide invaluable information for your vendors or landlords as it can flag up if any changes may be required on the listing, such as alternative photos or an improved summary, to gain more interest and views. It can also aid in price discussions should the listing be underperforming, despite showcasing the best highlights, features, photos and information, in comparison to the rest of your listings.

This article includes: 

Creating the Listing performance report

  1. Log in to ZooplaPro
  2. Click the Dashboard tab 
  3. Scroll down to the Your Properties section and click Listing performance report
    1. Alternatively, the report can be accessed directly from the property types, Residential sales listings for example, accessed from the Manage listings tab
  4. Select the property you would like to generate the report for and click Listing performance report
  5. You can edit the Reporting period, Property address and enter additional Comments if required
  6. Select the Report options statistics that you would like to include
  7. Click Generate report
  8. The report displays and includes the property details and listing statistics. You can continue to customise or amend the Report options depending on what data you wish to include, such as: Results views, Detail views, Click-through rate, Email leads and featured property specifics such as Featured results views
  9. Click the portal Branding that you want to be included in the report, such as Zoopla, PrimeLocation or Zoopla & PrimeLocation
  10. Once you have made any amendments as to what information is included in the report, click Customise to update the report
  11. Email your report to any address, or Print/Save as PDF to keep for your records or to give to the vendor or landlord

The report helps to gain an insight into the number of views the property has received, whether they are detailed views (clicked on views), and also the clickthrough rate.

 Best practice

  • Using this report in regular contact with landlords or vendors can help reassure them of the activity you have completed to market their property, and, the results achieved
  • When producing a Listing performance report, you have the option to include your logo and portal Branding. If your customer has contacted you via Zoopla, continue the brand experience by selecting Zoopla as your portal branding

Customising the Listing performance report

There are a variety of Report options that can be selected to help customise your report. These include:

  • Results views - The number of times the property has appeared in search results on Zoopla
  • Detail views - The number of times the property has been clicked on by potential customers once it’s appeared in search results
  • Click-through rate - The percentage of Results views that turn into Detail views
  • Featured results views - Only active if the property is a Featured Property.  Featured results views display the number of times the property has appeared at the top of matching search results on Zoopla
  • Featured detail views - Only active if the property is a Featured Property. Featured detail views display the number of times the featured property has been clicked on by potential applicants once it’s appeared at the top of search results
  • Featured click-through rate - Only active if the property is a Featured Property. Featured click-through rate displays the percentage of Featured results views that turn into Featured detail views
  • Email leads - The number of email enquiry leads that have come in from Zoopla about the property
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