The Listing performance report makes it easier for you to understand how your listings perform over time. 

You can create a bespoke property listing statistic report which outlines performance, and can also be shared with your vendor or landlord online, providing them with a live snapshot on how their property is performing over time.

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Features within the Listing performance report

There are several features included within the Listing performance report. These include:

  • The ability to see your core stats at a glance with our Performance overview
  • A chart that shows price changes and Featured Properties upgrades on your daily page views
  • A Similar listings benchmark to find out how your listing compares to others in your area

Creating the Listing performance report

  1. Log in to ZooplaPro
  2. Click the Dashboard tab 
  3. Scroll down to the Your Properties section and click Listing performance report
    1. Alternatively, the report can be accessed directly from the property types, Residential sales listings for example, accessed from the Manage listings tab
  4. Select the property you would like to generate the report for and click Listing performance report
  5. The report will be generated and you can view the property Listing performance
    1. You can Print the report to keep for your records or to have a hard copy to hand for the vendor or landlord
    2. You can Share the report online via a Shareable link which you can send to the vendor or landlord, providing them with anytime access to a live snapshot on how their property is performing. This is updated daily

 Best practice

Using this report in regular contact with landlords or vendors can help reassure them of the activity you have completed to market their property, and, the results achieved.
It can flag up if any changes may be required on the listing, such as alternative photos or an improved Full description, to gain more views and leads. It can also aid in price discussions should the listing be underperforming, despite showcasing the best highlights, features, photos and information, in comparison to the rest of your listings

Understanding the Listing performance report

The report is broken down into several key areas. These include:

  • Property overview - This area displays the property price, the address, the type of property and the primary photo. From here, you can view the listing on the Zoopla website, and see the date the property was originally listed and how long it's been on the market for


  • Performance overview - Using the time period filter, you can view data for the following timescales; Since listed, Last 7 days, Last 14 days, and Last 30 days. At a glance, this will enable you to paint a picture of your core listing stats, and compare them to similar listings in the area. The stats are broken down into:
    • Search appearances - The number of times the property listing has appeared in search results on Zoopla, across all platforms (desktop and mobile). A search 'impression' is recorded every time a user hits a search result page that contains the listing on the page itself
    • Page views - The number of visits the property listing has received on the Listings Detail Page, i.e. where the listing has been opened in full. A visit could come from various sources ranging from a social media link, a share on a messaging app or from a search engine
    • Leads - The number of phone calls and online enquiry leads (emails) that have come in from Zoopla about the property


  • Daily page views - The chart enables you to break the page views down further and visualise how your listing is performing compared to similar listings in your area, and track views performance over time. Should you make any changes to the listing such as updated photos or a price reduction, you can monitor the impact those changes have, and any other Key events, on the page views

     Best practice

    If your listing is below the dotted benchmark line for consecutive days, it might be useful to reduce the property price or activate Featured Properties (if applicable) to maximise your exposure


  • Listing timeline - This outlines any events that can impact a listing's performance (i.e. any additional products applied or price changes), as well as including the date the property listing first went live on Zoopla, and the sold date



  • What is the Similar listings benchmark​ and how does it work?

Similar listings provides you with a benchmark that allows a comparison of how an individual listing performs vs the average performance of listings that have been published the same number of days within the same price range and postal area.

Similar listings will show against the chart represented as a dotted line and against the Performance overview section for Search appearances, which denotes the number of times a listing appears in Zoopla search results, and Page views which is defined as the number of times a Listing Details Page has been viewed.


In the situation where there is not enough data to show Similar listings (the minimum threshold being 5 listings), a message appears and performance benchmarks will not be shown

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