Please see below our Ad Specs which follow IAB standards:

Format Dimensions (WxH) File Formats Max Initial File Size Max Subload Platform Controls & Functions
Leaderboard 728x90px

JPG, PNG, GIF, 3rd Party tagsHTML5 Creative Bundles


Flash assets are not supported

150kb 300kb Desktop, Tablet Length of animation must not exceed 30 seconds. No looping beyond 30 seconds & no sound to be added
Double MPU 300x600px 150kb 300kb Desktop, Tablet
Skyscraper 120x600 / 160x600px 150kb 300kb Desktop, Tablet
MPU 300x250px 150kb 300kb Desktop, Tablet
Mobile Banner 320x50px 50kb 100kb Mobile


Additional Notes

  • 3rd Party Tags & HTML5:
    • File Requests - Ads should not exceed 15 file requests during initial file load and host-initiated sub-load
    • HTTPs Secure - All 3rd Party Tags and associated technologies must be HTTPs compliant
    • In the case of 3rd Party served creatives, daily automated delivery reports must be sent to the Account Manager and the Ad Ops rep which you will be notified with ahead of time
    • Creatives must include a minimum 1px border of contrasting colour to the background colour of the site content
    • Clickthrough URLs must open in a new window

  • Lead Time: Please allow 3 working days for turnaround times which include the flighting of the campaign and testing of creatives


Please be aware that this may be extended depending on any issues raised in testing the tags

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