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To win vendor and landlords instructions, you need the best data. The Property valuation report uses a unique valuation methodology built by Hometrack, whose data is relied upon by 85% of the UK's largest mortgage lenders.  

Each report includes an independent valuation estimate, rental estimate, and detailed local market insights.  

Showcase your expertise and start winning more instructions now with this professional valuation report.  

How to produce a Property valuation report

  1. Log in to ZooplaPro 
  2. Click the Winning instructions tab 
  3. Click Property valuation report
  4. Click Download sample report if you wish to see an example of the report 
  5. Scroll down and fill in the Property details. The more details you add, the more accurate the results will be
    1. Click in the Postcode field and type in the postcode of the property. Click the magnifying glass and a list of matching property addresses will populate the Address field to be selected from the dropdown menu
    2. Select the Property Type and the number of Beds, Receptions and Bathrooms from their respective dropdown menus
    3. Click in the Year Built field and type in the year the property was built, if known
    4. Click in the Size field and enter the size of the property in square feet or square metres, if known
  6. Click the tick box to confirm you agree to send the information to Hometrack and Zoopla
  7. Click Continue
  8. In Your valuation preview, you can then personalise the report with your customers name and a personal note 
  9. Click Generate Report
  10. Your report downloads in your browser as a .pdf

The property summary page of the valuation report

 Best practice

  • Providing a professional looking report with accurate up to date local market insights and with your own company branding instils confidence with your customers and is a great tool to help win instructions
  • We recommend preparing these for every market appraisal. As well as helping you to build credibility and backup your valuation, this also reflects well on you as a company and shows you have taken additional steps that other competitors may not have


  • For more information on a downloadable step-by-step guide for agents, click here
  • If you don't have access to Property valuation report, contact Member Services. You can either email, or, click Submit a request below and complete the contact form

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