Auth0 authentication for ZooplaPro


Keeping your data secure is really important to us.

To help keep you safe online, we've strengthened our ZooplaPro login process by introducing Auth0, which is a new authentication system designed to make sure your data is safer than ever.

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What is Auth0?

Auth0 is an authentication process which is the industry standard in data security. By implementing Auth0 to your ZooplaPro login, we’ll be able to limit phishing attempts from third parties and improve your sign-in experience by allowing you to reset your own password.

How will Auth0 be added to my account?

When you next sign in to your ZooplaPro account, you'll be prompted to sign in again using our new authentication process, which will look slightly different to before.

Once you've completed the new authentication process, you can more easily and securely change your password, if you forget it.

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  • What will happen to the old sign-in process?

We'll turn off the old sign-in flow from 24th September 2021. Don’t worry though, you'll still be able to sign in to ZooplaPro after that date even if you haven’t had a chance to sign in before 24th September.

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