The Zoopla Vision

  • What is the Zoopla Vision?

The Zoopla Vision outlines all of the products and services we're working on now and in the future. It's all about using our unique position in the market and our data-led intelligence to deliver you value throughout the property life cycle.

You can find out more about our vision on Zoopla Advantage.

Market performance

  • How is the market performing, and what will happen to it over the next few months?

It’s clear from our latest House Price Index data that buyer demand is still much higher than before the pandemic, with 1.5 million residential transactions set to take place in 2021 - the highest since 2007.

That’s despite many buyers having missed the initial stamp duty deadline, due to conveyancing delays and the longer timeframe needed to complete a sale.

For more detail, check out our latest House Price Index Report.

  • How can I get more valuation leads in my area?

By booking a consultation with a member of our team, you can get the lowdown on local performance in your area. We’ll also give you best practice guidance on achieving the best results for your branch.

You can book a consultation by filling in the form here.

Our new products

  • What are In-Search Ads?

In-Search Ads are our newest ad format. Appearing in-line with listings on our search results pages, you can use them to boost your brand on these highly-trafficked pages. We even produce the creative for you, so there's no design cost.

You can find out more about In-Search Ads over on Zoopla Advantage.

  • What is My Home?

My Home is the reimagined homeowner experience on Zoopla that provides consumers with a valuation estimate.

Through our investment in marketing, we’re getting high-value homeowners onto our site, and using My Home to capture this audience and continue to engage with them until they’re a warm lead for you.

Find out more about My Home and check out the homeowner audiences we’re engaging with here.

Putting you in control

  • What is Zoopla's Product Research Panel and how do I join?

Our Product Research Panel gives you the chance to steer our future product development, which is vital to make sure we deliver solutions that really make a difference to you.

You can find out more about the Panel and how to join here.

Speak to our team to get the most out of your membership

  • How do I get in touch with my Account Manager?

Your Account Manager is here to support you and to make sure your package is right for you, providing you with extra insight on your performance relative to the local market.

You can contact your Account Manager directly via email or phone to explore new opportunities that our insight or solutions can unlock for your branch.

  • How do I find out who my Account Manager is? 

You can contact our Member Services team via email at to find out who your Account Manager is.

  • What is Customer Success and how do I get in touch with the team?

The purpose of our Customer Success team is to help you realise more value from your Zoopla membership.

If you’d like additional help on maximising your membership with us from our Customer Success team, please get in touch via email at, or book in time with us directly here.

  • What are the different Zoopla membership packages?

There’s three tiers of membership available at Zoopla. Check out the links below to see the differences between our packages, including the features and enhancements available at each level.

You can contact your Account Manager directly via email or phone to discuss upgrading your membership package and add-on products.

  • When my contract auto-renews, how long does the renewal last?

When your contract auto-renews, the new term will either be for the same length as your original term, or for 12 months - whichever comes first.

How do I amend or cancel my membership?

  • How do I amend or cancel my membership?

We want to make your membership work as hard as possible to meet your specific business needs.

To understand the options available in respect of amending or cancelling your membership package with us, complete our form here.

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