Using our virtual viewings platform to attract more applicants

In today’s modern market, virtual tours are an asset to any agent as more and more companies look to save time and money, particularly following the Covid pandemic where face to face viewings weren’t as easy to do.

In this article, we’ll look at our virtual tours platform through our partnership with Focal Agent, which you already have free access to as a Zoopla customer, and how you can optimise this to stand out and attract more applicants.

This article includes:

Ease one of the top 5 buyer pain points with more accurate media

Our research shows that 75% of property seekers* feel that the pictures in property listings don’t give a realistic impression of size. Focal.Agent’s 360 video tours provide visibility of every aspect of the property to show your applicants what to expect from the property, helping to nurture the buyers with the greatest intent and filter out those who might fall out of the process later. 

Boost your leads by 6% with virtual viewings

Our research has shown that listings with a virtual viewing option increases leads by 6%. Stand out to applicants by offering the ability to view straight away without delays or travel with a virtual tour. Add in friends and family with the multi-viewing platform on SmartViewing which other agents may not be able to offer.

Save your applicants time by offering multiple viewings at once

Use SmartViewing to swap between properties quickly if one is unsuitable and answer questions right away. Focal.Agent research shows that you can view in detail up to 8 properties in an hour saving on average 30 minutes per viewing for your applicant (and you!) 


You can view more about this in our dedicated video here

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