There are many tools on Zoopla that you can use to optimise your brand. We want to make sure that you are utilising these and ensuring that you are keeping your brand consistent and optimising the exposure as much as possible.

We’ve put together this article to talk you through how you can use Zoopla as your brand building tool. 

If you want to make sure your brand is as strong as possible, we have all of the following additional features that can be used to boost exposure.


Make sure you’re working with your Account Manager to ensure you’re on the right package for your needs

This article includes:

Featured Agent

Featured Agent can increase the likelihood of leads. Highlight your branch as an agent of choice to those actively searching for an agency to fulfil their property needs. 
Featured Agent is an ideal way of boosting your brand as you’ll benefit from enhanced positioning by being placed and highlighted at the top of the Find agents directory in a standout box. Your branch will also be pre-selected for general applicant enquiries for which you hold two or more relevant properties. This enhanced marketing showcases your brand and helps you to stand out amongst competitors in your area. This feature is automatically included in Gold and Platinum memberships.

Valuation Booster

Be one of the pre-selected agents that are first in line for valuation requests from vendors and landlords in your chosen area, and boost your chances of winning more stock. Our research has found that Valuation Booster provides 5x more vendor leads to agents. Increase your chances of receiving the lead and get greater brand exposure with an engaged and relevant vendor audience.

Area Sponsorship

Area Sponsorship allows you to advertise more strategically, bringing attention to any special offers or services. It’s a great opportunity to generate brand awareness, and drive traffic to your own website.
You're able to create an advert which will showcase your brand ahead of the competition, and capture the attention of potential applicants in your chosen locations, while bringing attention to any special offers or services that will help you stand out.

Area Sponsorship is also a cost effective way of promoting your brand and branch to a much wider audience, in locations where you would like to raise your profile. You can add as much branding to your advert as you like with your company name, images and messaging of your choice. It can then link out to any landing page you choose, whether that’s your own website, your valuation enquiry page, or any other platform. Regularly update your adverts and review how they display to ensure that you are always promoting your current and most relevant marketing messages.


You can view more about this in our dedicated video here

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