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We always want to help you to optimise your listings to ensure you receive quality leads, and to drive the best results for you and your customers. We've put together this article to include some of the key things you can do.

This article includes: 

Stay ahead of changing demand trends to get your listings seen by serious buyers

Demand patterns have a big impact on how long properties take to sell. For example, since the start of the pandemic, demand for properties with outdoor space has increased significantly. So, even if the property doesn't have a garden, think of all the things a buyer might search for when looking for extra space, and add them to your listing. This could be an additional reception room that could act as an office for those working from home. Add in any potential to extend, balconies or proximity to surrounding rural areas. Stay ahead of the current key search terms local applicants are using by visiting 'In Your Area' on Zoopla Advantage.

Increase the quality of your applicant leads by adding photos and a floor plan

Our research has found that listings with a floor plan and 6+ photos get more search clicks from search results pages than those that don’t. Add the optimum number of high quality and accurate photos to show the key spaces. Right now, the kitchen and the outdoor spaces make a big impact on post-pandemic space hunters.

Consider offering virtual viewings

Listings on Zoopla with virtual viewings reduce time on the market by 12% and increase your leads per listing by 6%.  As a Zoopla member, you get free access to the SmartViewing virtual tours platform through FocalAgent.
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