Best Practice for using your Focal.360 membership

With your Focal.360 membership, you have everything included in the Focal.Free package but with the addition of a 360 degree tour.
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Below, we have listed some best practice guidance which looks at how you can best use your Focal Agent membership to ensure you're maximising your use of it. 

This article includes: 

Best Practice using Focal.360

  • Carry out your initial viewing with an applicant remotely with the 360 degree tour on Smart Viewing, so you're only taking up precious time to drive to properties for serious viewers.
    Pre-screen and qualify serious buyers with a virtual viewing first and take advantage of that initial contact by creating a viewing straight away. That way, a vendor will only have serious applicants at a face to face viewing

  • Swap between properties quickly while staying on Smart Viewing if the applicant rules one out, to make the most out of every quality applicant. You could easily view 8 properties in an hour and get as much exposure on your properties to a serious buyer as possible

  • Add to your listings Full description on ZooplaPro to let applicants know that virtual tours are available and use a ‘virtual viewing’ highlight on any Premium Listings. This is fantastic marketing for your brand to help you stand out to customers who will see that you offer a high level of service with your properties that other agents may not have

  • Use the Vieweet app included with your package to create your own 360 virtual tours and enhance your listings yourself. The Vieweet app is compatible with any 360 device
  • Promote the use of this virtual platform to attract quality vendor & landlord leads as they will see you are serious about marketing their property by having high quality virtual assets. You are more likely to obtain more sole agency and fully managed properties

  • Use this professional platform in your marketing and at valuations so that you stand out amongst competitors in offering an advanced service - using new technology means you can advertise yourselves as being ahead of the game and forward thinking technology will attract high quality vendors that want a top agent

  • Add in your applicants friends and family to the virtual tour to stand out to applicants in having this service available but also to make the best use of your time

  • Go green and boost your brand with this awareness. Virtual viewings cut emissions by not travelling for unsuitable properties
  • Reassure your vendors that this is a safer platform for potential buyers to view as it allows you to be in control of the material being seen by them, as you're leading the virtual viewings with the 360 content. This is a safer way to control the content, rather than having it available to any viewer online as it shows every angle of your vendors home

Key statistics

  • A saving on average of 30 mins per viewing can be made with a virtual tour 
  • It enables you to view 8 properties in an hour
  • Zoopla listings with virtual viewings reduce time to market by 12% and increase your leads per listing by 6%
  • A big environmental impact can be avoided. Last year there were 58 million home visits, with on average 2.5 trillion miles driven, generating 350 thousand tonnes of carbon
  • Sales properties with professional marketing on average achieve 2% closer to the asking price, sell 24 days faster, and increase the chances of selling by 31%. Lettings agents check in 31% more properties
  • It's estimated that as little as 20% of users will finish reading the written content you publish 
  • When you include professional photos, you receive on average 5x more search clicks

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