Retaining vendors and landlords who are considering using another competitor


Using ZooplaPro effectively can help you in many business situations. There are tools to help you understand your local market, and, tools that can help you identify your performance versus the local competitors, all to help attract new business opportunities and retain existing customers.

With effective use, you can use these tools to identify and retain the vendors and landlords who are considering using another competitor. All agents have this as a challenge at some point, I've experienced it as being an agent myself. But, there is light at the end of the tunnel, and there are tools you can utilise to aid you in having these difficult conversations.

This article includes: 

All market activity

All of our UK based agents have access to All market activity from within the Monitor market tab. This is powered by MarketView which is Zoopla’s market intelligence tool, and the data is used to provide you with a range of market reporting functionality.

Within All market activity, all of the reports are versatile. For example: 

  • You have a property for sale that you've been marketing for a while and are struggling to generate enough interest. You've tried all the marketing tricks by changing the photo order, refreshing the description, given price reductions and used your Premium Listings credits (if applicable).

If the conversation gets to the point where the landlord or vendor is talking about another agent taking this property on, you can view other agent statistics using the Price reductions, Slow movers and Fallen through reports, accessed within All market activity.

You're able to ascertain who they may be planning to list with next, and can use these particular reports to get a brief overview of an agents performance. On these reports, you're able to change the view to a Bar chart which will order every estate agent in your area with the highest numbers first.

If you've looked at the Price reductions report and noticed the agent they are planning to list with is the highest in the area for price reductions, or noticed on the Slow movers report that the agent has the most slow moving stock in the area, you can then use this data during a conversation with your vendor or landlord.

Whilst you're unable to print this data and share it with the vendor/landlord, you can use it on a telephone call. This may mean the vendor/landlord then decides to stay with you because you have instilled new confidence in them that you are best placed to sell their property.

Commission share finder

If you've pulled out all the stops in trying to retain stock that's then gone to list with another agent, you're able to monitor the properties and see if they go on to sell using Commission share finder

In Summary...

These are difficult conversations to have especially when the vendor or landlord is highly motivated to sell or let. Using these reports will help you with having these conversations and to help you retain that stock. If they then decide to list with someone else, using the Commission share finder is your best bet in keeping an eye on it selling. After all, you may still be entitled to a fee.

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