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Valuation Booster allows you to target areas where you want to win more instructions by promoting your agency, ahead of your competitors, to applicants seeking a valuation. This enables you to target specific outcodes.

With so many agents to choose from, covering most locations and with no real way for you to communicate directly with the public, it can be hard to make sure you’re called out to a property in the first place. Valuation Booster is designed to help you get your foot in the door!

  • Looking at research with vendors, out of those surveyed, 35% of homeowners who planned to sell but hadn’t yet contacted agents, told Zoopla their biggest priority is to understand what their property may be worth

    • Across the Zoopla website, the most common pages that valuation leads are sent from are the pages about house prices. This shows that most homeowners start by seeking their own understanding of what their house may be worth ahead of inviting an agent out for their professional opinion. So, when a homeowner visits the House prices page and searches for their own property, they will see a button inviting them to book an agent valuation. This is when they convert from being a browser on site to actually becoming a direct lead for you

    • Homeowners are next asked to select if they are looking to sell, looking to let or if they are just curious at this stage. Nationally, a huge number of the just curious valuations tend to come onto the market with a Zoopla agent within a few months. Homeowners will be asked to confirm their property address which will pull through the information of the address they were looking at when they clicked to book the valuation. There is then an option to include a message. This is commonly used either to explain an intention, check timescales or to suggest dates and times for appointments, so be sure to read the full message (if there is one) so you’ll be fully informed when you speak to the vendor

    • Homeowners are then going to see a list of the names of agents who cover their area. By default, just the brand name is included in the list, but if you're a boosted agent, your logo will also display which is great for brand recognition. Agents who have a Valuation Booster will be preticked to receive a valuation. Up to six agents can be preticked and if there are more than six boosted agents within your area, this will evenly rotate between agents ensuring fair exposure. Agents are listed alphabetically and Valuation Booster is the only way to move to the top of that list!

    • Agents are chosen for this list if they have properties on the market within that outcode, but if you have a Valuation Booster for the outcode, you'll display whether you have properties within that area or not

  • Zoopla have done a lot of research on how homeowners approach valuations and most will get three or four valuations, but they actually expect to speak to seven or eight agents before getting to the point of marketing their property. So whilst it's brilliant to have these leads come through, it’s critical to follow up as quickly as possible and of course make that good first impression

  • In terms of getting the initial leads, the key thing to think about with Valuation Booster is what outcode you want to choose. The best way forward will vary depending on what your specific goals are.
    If you are looking to become the market leader in your core area, or you already are and you want to maintain that status, then use your Valuation Booster within the main outcode that you cover.
    Or, it may be somewhere nearby one of your key competitors that's particularly strong; you might want to set up your Valuation Booster in their key area to divert some valuations away from them and improve your own market share overall in turn.
    Or, it could be that you’re looking to break into a new area entirely. If this is somewhere you haven’t previously had properties before, Valuation Booster is the best way to get yourself onto the list of agents to be contacted by homeowners there

Whatever way, a good rule of thumb is to have Valuation Booster set in a particular outcode for six months which will allow you to track its effectiveness. A really good way to measure the effectiveness is to diarise time for yourself to review all of the valuation leads coming in over an extended period of time.

To manage your leads:

  1. Log in to ZooplaPro
  2. Click the Manage performance tab
  3. Click Leads report

When you are receiving leads as they come in, they'll be hitting your email inbox and you'll be dealing with them right away. However using the Leads report is a quick and easy way to see your leads all together in one place.

  • First, determine the timeframe you’d like to measure (for example six months to give you a broader picture) and once you've confirmed the date range, an easy way to work with this data is actually to export it

  • Use the Export option to pull your data into .csv. That will give you a document that you can open in an Excel spreadsheet or Google sheets. It’ll give you all of your data in a way that you can put into a platform, so you can easily filter it and reduce the information, tally it up etc.
    Think about what you're trying to establish. If you're just looking for high level information, you might want to tally up the number of valuation enquiries for properties in your boosted outcode and compare that against all the valuations in your other areas.
    If you’ve recently added Valuation Booster to your account, you can compare the number of leads before and after you’ve added Valuation Booster to that outcode

    For more information on Using the Leads report, click here
    For more information on Exporting Zoopla leads on your properties, click here

 Did you know...

If you have Valuation Booster in multiple outcodes, you'll appear in the Find agents section of the Zoopla website for all of those locations

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