Best Practice for video feedback


Feedback delivered via video can be a powerful tool for your clients. While it might not be appropriate for all your clients, seeing a face and receiving a more personal approach at a time when they may not be having as much direct contact with you, could prove valuable in achieving your business goals. Zoopla can help you create a video in a constructive, efficient way.

Some successes seen by delivering content in this way can include:

  • Your vendors being more likely to be open to feedback
  • A platform to approach potential blockers to a sale and suggest how you might overcome them; positive body language can help make the vendor more receptive

When providing this kind of feedback, it is important to have suggestions ready to overcome any objections from the client, and offer to get in touch to discuss further.

Looking to secure a price reduction? Advise that a client may benefit from a Premium or Featured listing? Along with regular contact through your usual channels, this medium is a way to set yourself apart from the competition and stand out.

Planning your video

We would recommend reviewing your listings performance on ZooplaPro while planning these videos so that you can include statistics for the benefit of your audience alongside the viewing feedback. By doing this, you can reinforce your message and ensure that the time on camera is as efficient as possible.

It may be the case that your video is an initial summary that you send ahead of a phone call/video meeting at an agreed time to go into more detail.

Preparation for filming

Having moved to remote working ourselves, some advice that we can give is to take a few moments to ensure your surroundings are ready to film in.

  • Ensure your camera is at eye level
  • Frame yourself well (try to centre yourself in the camera)
  • Face the sun or bright lighting if you can. If you get caught with the sun behind you, it can force the camera to darken the picture!
  • If you are concerned that there might be some background noise, some headphones may be useful

For more information on What we have learned about engaging with customers on camera, click here

 Best practice

It can be very easy to speak for longer than necessary and lose someone's focus, so, taking all of the above into consideration, tailor each video to the client. If someone in the office has a particularly good relationship with them, then it may be best for them to create the video, or at least consult them on how to structure it. Is the client busy? Is 2-3 minutes too long?

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