Making use of digital tools during lockdown for virtual Market Appraisals


Similar to the second period, the property market is still very much open during this third period of lockdown. Using the correct tools, marketing methods and materials available to you is key. This is especially important to ensure you can continue to carry out Market Appraisals in a virtual way.

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Comparables report

As you will be aware, the Comparables report is a fully customisable report which can help to provide a valuation figure on a Market Appraisal.

Pre-pandemic times, these were recommended to be printed out and a copy left with the vendor or landlord as a reminder of who you are and the figure you arrived at on their home. However, to avoid as much risk of spreading the virus during this current climate, having the option to download and save this report as a .pdf document means that it can be emailed across to a potential vendor or landlord prior to the virtual Market Appraisal. This enables you to run through your advice whilst on a video call.

As you will be providing this document virtually and won't be present in the house, consider paying particular attention to using the comments/notes box. You can not only sell yourself and your agency, but also use the box to reference your customers wants and needs and what their reason behind their move is. This will show that you have listened to their requirements and you really care.

By providing evidence that you have taken the time to prepare, it may help the potential vendor or landlord to decide on which agent is their preference if they have approached multiple agents.

Property Valuation Report (PVR)

Our research has shown that the agents who have been using the Property Valuation Report on their valuations have found that not only does it instil credibility with their valuation, it's also improved their conversion rates. Providing a professional looking report with accurate up to date local market insights can really instil confidence within your customers and is a great tool to help win instructions.

We know your time is precious. The good news is that this report like many others, doesn't take long to produce, and they can be customised to be client specific along with having a comments/notes box. Consider including information about your clients that they gave you on initial discussion when booking in the appraisal, which can really show you have taken on board your customers wants and needs.

As the report can be prepared ahead of time for the valuation, consider setting aside some time in the diary to prepare for your Market Appraisals for the week ahead. These reports can be downloaded, saved as a .pdf document and emailed in digital form which at this current time, is the recommended way. This can then be ran through whilst on a virtual valuation.

Consider preparing these for every valuation, because as well as helping you to build credibility and backup your valuation, this also reflects well on you as a company and shows you have taken additional steps that other competitors may not have.

Download marketing materials

Within ZooplaPro, you're able to download and order marketing materials which can form the basis of your digital marketing pack. These can be emailed to your potential vendor or landlord prior to your appointment, which will enable you to present during their virtual Market Appraisal.

Having marketing materials at the touch of a button to download and save as .pdf which not only has your company branding on, but also that of Zoopla and/or PrimeLocation, helps with continuity from the start.

If you have Premium Listings or Weekly Featured Property included with your membership, there are downloads available for those too. Some agents use these premium marketing features to increase their commission levels. Having information for potential vendors or landlords to read can help them to decide if this is the right way for them to go, potentially increasing branch profits.

The above steps can really help you be ahead of your competitors, as they may not carry out any preparation or have marketing packs available. If you can further build credibility when presenting on a virtual Market Appraisal and also after, when a potential vendor or landlord is reviewing your marketing pack, this will be a reminder of you as an agent and you as a company. Furthermore, it'll ensure you're front of mind when they a making an informed decision on who to instruct.
For more information on Why might I download and use my marketing materials, click here

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