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AdReach is our award-winning retargeting product that enables you to promote your agency and properties to Zoopla site visitors on other sites. It benefits from using Zoopla's unique first-party data to target and directly pinpoint your ideal audience of property seekers, based on their onsite behaviour and preferences.

AdReach has now launched in to Pinterest, which is a visual discovery engine for finding ideas such as home and style inspiration, via image based cards known as Pins. It's designed to enable the saving and discovery of information using images, in the form of pinboards. Your agency can capitalise on our Zoopla data, and use it to engage with users who are actively seeking and interacting with inspiring content. 

Why use Pinterest via AdReach

  • Pinterest has more than 400 million people using it on a monthly basis, who look for new ideas and home inspiration. With 85% of users using Pinterest to plan life movements, and with Pinterest ads being incredibly visual by nature, that makes it one of our most home relevant platforms to advertise on 1
  • 43% of users plan to purchase their home in the next 5 years, and so in conjunction with our Zoopla data, it marries up perfectly ready to target buyers in the market 

What does this mean for your agency?

You get to expand your reach, build your brand and join the space where additional, relevant homemovers are!
Pinterest further enables you to engage active content seekers with your brand and eye catching imagery.

  • You can deliver large amounts of content directly into your target audiences inbox

  • You can extend the reach of your ad campaign and brand to non-registered Zoopla users
  • You'll receive an increased awareness of your brand and agency


 Best practice

Pinterest is an entirely visual platform, and design plays a crucial role in the success of a Pin. The ads are served from Zoopla and so it's never been more important to use eye-catching, high quality images to produce an engaging pin


For more information on AdReach, or, if you wish to purchase this portal enhancement, click here

1: Pinterest, global, July 2020

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