With so many teams supporting you at Zoopla, we know it can be tricky to work out who to speak to, when! To help give you a better understanding of our roles, we've outlined some of our key responsibilities.  

  • Account Manager: Your account manager can talk to you about questions with your contract, such as start and end dates, as well as updating your membership package, for example to expand the outcodes you cover in your Area Sponsorship. You can call or email your account manager directly

  • Member Services: Member Services cover technical troubleshooting. They're the people to ask should you have issues ranging from a problem with one of your listings on site, if you need to change the email address which your Zoopla leads are sent to, or update the logo you display on Zoopla. You can email, or, you can click Submit a request below and complete the contact form

  • Customer Success: If you're opening a new branch in a different location and want to know which tools in your Zoopla membership can help you get to grips with the local market, or, if you want to better understand what Zoopla can do to help you prepare for your market appraisals, it's the customer success team you want! Look at any of the emails they've sent you, and you'll find the link to book 1:1 time in the Customer Success diary
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