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Our fourth Skills Session aired on Thursday 4th June and had Success's Sophie talk to Victoria Clark, our Head of National Sales, about how to use MarketView data to get ahead.  

With so much change and uncertainty, it can be difficult to land on a business strategy for the next few days, never mind the next few months. At Zoopla, we make decisions based on what the data around us says. That wealth of data is available to you, and can provide you with insights into what’s happening in your area, supporting you as you make data-led decisions about what to do next.

In this Skills Session, Sophie and Vic discussed: 

  • Using MarketView to keep an eye on what’s happening locally. They talked through how to use local insight to help build trust and strengthen your pipeline when the market reopens, as well as ensuring you're using your MarketView Views and Email alerts
  • Keeping your finger on the pulse of your competition. They also covered how you can use a range of MarketView reports, to ensure you can be the local expert on your market and drill down and understand the valuable and reliable market data that's available to you



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