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This Skills Session article and accompanying videos were produced prior to the ZooplaPro navigation changes. As such, you'll notice that we’ve renamed and regrouped some of the tools now compared to how they appear in the article and videos below

Our first Skills Session aired on March 24th, and had Success's Sophie talk to Zoopla's content designer Sarah Guershon about using your Branch Profile to keep customers engaged with your brand, looking specifically at working effectively with strict character limits, and creating the right tone of voice.  We then look at how those same skills can be used in Property Performance Reports, to support the conversations you're already having with your vendors and landlords.

The Skills Sessions are about supporting you right now, however you're working, whatever roles you've taken on, to keep your businesses going.  

This article includes: 


We know keeping Vendors and Landlords engaged right now is vitally important, to keep them with you when you're back in the office and carrying out viewings and market appraisals.  We know you're all finding new ways to support and communicate with your customers, so we want to make sure Zoopla is supporting you with those conversations.  

Maintaining relationships is critical, now more than ever, and keeping your properties on the market will create an open goal for buyers and tenants who still need to move.  

Empathy is more important now than ever, so it's a good time to think about how you're communicating

  • Tone needs to be right at every touch point
  • People are more stressed and distracted, so plain language can be key 

The upside of the current climate is that communities are coming together, and now can be a great time to solidify your place with your core client base.  Word of mouth is a powerful marketing tool, establishing your agency as vital in the community will go a long way when the market starts to return. 

Vendors and Landlords want advise on what they can and what they should be doing now.  But what can you say when there are no viewings? 

  • Speak about market conditions - both locally and nationally 
  • Offer virtual tours to customers, so you can still give feedback and statistics to property owners 
  • Offer website walkthroughs with your customers - give them the personal experience you would if you were talking face to face 
  • Prepare a list of potential viewers for when in person viewings are allowed again

Mainly, you need to keep the lines of communication open to show you are available, and show how you can help anyone who is looking to move.  


Branch Profile

Branch Profile is traditionally used to highlight your agency history and expertise.  Thinking about now, you can reassure customers that you are still there.  

In the below video, Sarah discusses the limited amount if space that you have in Branch Profile and how to use it effectively.  

Key points from Sarah: 

  • On the Find agents page, the first text that customers see is only about 115 characters (around 20 words)
  • Keep it personable.  Use "we" rather than your full agency name.  Not only does this reduce characters, but it reiterates the personal nature of your business
  • Be reassuring - tell your customers you are still "open" and working
  • Are you offering virtual viewings?  Shout about them
  • Be brief and use plain English.  Leave that online thesaurus alone! 


Property Performance Report

The Property Performance Report is quick and easy to produce.  It has more space than the Branch Profile section, giving you 500 characters to play with (around 100 words). 

Here you can be a little more specific and personal.  Using your relationship with your customers, and thinking about their motivation behind selling, can be really beneficial here.  It can make up for the lack of face to face time, and show that you are still invested in them and their needs.  It's also a chance for you to show your expertise, and remind them why they chose you as their agent.  

What you say in this report depends on who exactly you're sending it to - is it a Landlord with a large portfolio, or someone selling their family home?  


Key Observations

  • Avoid using flowery, overly descriptive language
  • "Unprecedented" is overused at the moment, so avoid it if you can
  • Lead with positive words, not negative.  E.G. "You can still call or email us even though the branch is currently closed..." vs "Our office is shut but you can still call or email..."
  • Stay away from jargon - Do the "Grandma Test" 
  • Ask your customers how often they want to be contacted
  • Use the Comparables Report to aid price discussions once they market starts to return 


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