Using your Branch Profile to explain how your branch is adapting


In uncertain times, helping potential vendors, landlords and applicants understand what your branch is doing to make things easier for them can have a big impact.  

The Branch Profile section in ZooplaPro can be updated at any time to reflect what you're doing to help your customers, i.e. offering virtual tours, inspections and remote viewings.  

If you're doing something special, adding this to your Branch Profile may make a difference in the decision-making process about which agent to choose from.  

This article includes: 

Why update your Branch Profile?

  • Mentioning your unique selling points or key service offerings in the first line of your branch description will encourage potential customers to read more about you
  • Completing your Meet the team section is a great way to virtually build rapport.  Linking to your social media accounts can also help people connect with you remotely
  • You can change your branch profile as often as you need, with changes appearing within 48 hours on the site

What have we seen so far?

We've seen some great examples of agents helping vendors, landlords and applicants, including: 

  • Offering virtual property tours 
  • Offering video calls over Zoom, Google Hangouts or Skype
  • Adding additional information to their Branch Profile to help show their efforts 
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