Why does the sales and/or rental value in my Zoopla valuation tool email say "None"?


The Zoopla valuation tool is an online widget that provides free house price estimates to those seeking an instant valuation, while generating valuation leads for your business. It champions your agency’s brand, and is quick and easy to integrate into your website.

There are two reasons why the value could say "None" in your Zoopla valuation tools emails:

  • If you can see a value in brackets after ‘None’, this means that the confidence level of the estimate is below 50% and therefore we did not present an estimate range to the prospective customer. This should save you the difficult conversation during any following face to face valuations - particularly if your estimate is very different from what the tool returned. However, the value in brackets is still displayed to you in your email, so you are aware of the estimate

  • If you cannot see a value in brackets after the ‘None’, this means that the level of available data is such that we cannot return a value at all
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