One of the many Insights that are available to you from Zoopla Advantage is Zoopla in Your Area. Zoopla Advantage is a free to access website, where we share our property insights, industry research and news.

If you're entering in to an area that you have not previously done business in, the interactive Zoopla in Your Area section can help you understand the new demographic and become knowledgeable of the area, quickly. As well as being able to see a detailed breakdown of property views, listings and leads generated by Zoopla in an area of your choice, you will also be able to view market insights from your local authority. 

Using Zoopla in Your Area to scroll into a region

  1. Click the Search field and either type in a location of your choice, or, select a location from the drop down list
  2. The page will refresh and then display the Total leads sent to agents, the number of For sale leads and the percentage Growth in detailed property views for your area
  3. Click See more insights to view snapshots of additional information such as the Age of home hunters, their Gender, the Top three keywords used and the Most popular property type
  4. Scroll down to view further information on the Rental and sales markets and Housing market trends

 Best practice

If you review the report prior to an appraisal or vendor meeting, the area statistics will be fresh in your mind. By demonstrating this level of knowledge for the market in their area and going the extra mile with your level of service, the vendor may be more inclined to choose your agency to sell their property  

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