Market views are setup for use in reports and Market email alerts, and each market view can consist of up to 10 of your outcodes. Market views act as a predefined set of property and area criteria, in which you specify different areas and property details that you wish to focus on. The specified areas are formed based on any combination of the outcodes and incodes that are associated with your ZooplaPro account.

Market email alerts ensure you are kept up to date with your local property market. By being notified at the earliest time of new listings or changes to listings, you are best placed to react to the market and have the edge on winning instructions. You can set up Market email alerts for Sales and Lettings, and they can notify you about new instructions, price reductions, properties that have fallen through and even those that are slow movers.

  • Market views, in conjunction with Market email alerts, make a powerful duo. You can schedule New instruction Market email alerts to be sent on a regular basis depending on your marketing activities. For example:
    • Create a Market view for any number of property combinations
      • i.e. 2 bed houses in a specific outcode
    • Set up a Market email alert
      • i.e. One focusing on New instructions
    • You can then set the Market email alert to use that Market view

    Having set up a Market email alert for New instructions, you next need to decide if and how to act on the information in the alert. If you're notified of a property coming to the market which you valued, you can get in touch with the vendor directly to discover why they gave the instruction to another agent. It might be worth keeping in touch with the vendor, so that if the same property eventually appears in your Slow movers market email alert, you've built a good rapport to go back to them and try to win the instruction for a second time. 
    Even if you weren't called out to the property to provide a market appraisal, you could now send a letter to the vendors, introducing yourself as someone who can help them with their onward purchase if they will be making one. It can be a less intrusive way to introduce yourself, and start building a good rapport with them so that you can offer them your services later down the line

  • If a new instruction comes to market on the same road as one of your existing listings, consider how the new property might impact the performance of your listing. Does the new property make yours look like good value? Depending on how well the new property performs, you may even use this as evidence in a price conversation with your vendor or landlord if necessary

  • If the new listing is likely to bring viewers to the location, now might be a prime time to ask your vendor or landlord to have a board up outside the property if you haven't got one already, to help boost awareness and exposure

  • If part of your service to your vendors includes aiding them in their own property search, think about any of your clients who may be interested in purchasing the new instructions. This could be especially valuable if you've got buyers for one of your own instructions, and are waiting to get the onward chain agreed before the sale progresses

  • Market views also play an important role in the Your market position tab as they can be used to report on, and show an overview of your rankings, based on your chosen market views area and property type. For example, you might have a market view that encompasses all your outcodes with no property criteria, therefore providing an overall guide and ranking on your agency across all the statistics displayed on the tiles.
    You might then decide to switch to a market view that encompasses all your outcodes, but focuses on detached houses in a specific area. The tiles will update to reflect your ranking, percentage and the number of properties that match your defined market view criteria and allow you to get a snapshot of your performance with that particular property type(s) in that area

  • You might consider targeted leaflet or door drop campaigns to the street names that are highlighted on the New instructions Map view

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