From a technical view, if you aren’t receiving leads at all, start by checking your telephone and email contact details. Your phone number is directed through Zoopla servers and feeds into the Leads report.

Within this report, the Phone leads sub tab provides you with a record of every phone call which comes in on your telephone number. If a call lasts for more than 10 seconds, the conversation is recorded. If there is a technical issue with your number and no calls are being received or recorded, you should:

  • Test your details
    • Ring your Zoopla redirect branch phone number via a mobile and see whether it successfully transfers to your office. All calls will count as answered even if they connect to your answering machine, therefore you should be able to verify in the Leads report if the call was logged successfully
    • With regards to your email, cross-reference the Zoopla leads in your email inbox with the email leads recorded in ZooplaPro to see if they match
  • Member Services - If you have tried the above step and the issue still persists, please contact our Member Services team. You can either email, or, click Submit a request below and complete the contact form. They will then be able to verify your branch details with you and run a variety of diagnostic checks to ensure the issue is resolved as quickly as possible


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