What data can I use externally / in my marketing?


There are certain reports that are specifically designed for external use.

These include:

Property Valuation report

Property Valuation report: This report provides unique, up-to-date insights into your property’s value over time, the average sell time in your area as well as an analysis of the local market. It helps you to be confident that your valuation is based on facts.

Comparables report builder

Comparables report builder: This report provides evidence of how similar properties in the area are performing, using current and historical data, and can help to build confidence in your valuation.

Property performance report

Property performance report: This is a bespoke customisable report that can be emailed or printed for your customers to gain a clear view of how their property is performing.

MarketView - Marketshare report

Marketshare report: This report displays the number of your properties and your overall market share for your area, during your set date range. This is the only MarketView report that can be shared externally, as long as you export it as an external pie chart option.

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