How do I amend my Area Sponsorship advert?


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Please submit a request to send our Member Services team the new creative and/or the new URL you would like to use for your Area Sponsorship advert.

If you have more than one Area Sponsorship booking, then please let us know which booking you would like to be updated e.g. Zoopla SE1 Sales.

Zoopla Area Sponsorship

The creative needs to be in GIF format to fit 300 x 250 pixels.


We don’t allow sound to be added on these ads 

PrimeLocation Area Sponsorship

The creative needs to fit 728w x 90h pixels in one of the following file formats: .jpg, .gif, .bmp, .png, .swf, .html5 and be less than 250KB in file size.


We cannot create or edit Area Sponsorship creatives for you. All creatives need to be provided ready for upload

If you don’t already have a creative, you can contact our partner AdRich, by completing this online form: 

Once submitted, AdRich will contact you regarding costs and timescales.

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