Why have I been sent another security email?


For security reasons, as your ZooplaPro login is associated with your email address, we're asking all our users to verify they still own that email address when we detect you are signing in from a different device or new location. 

You will be sent an email to the associated email address to confirm that it's you attempting to log in to your account.  Click on the link within the email to confirm this and get logged into ZooplaPro.  


Zoopla will never contact you by phone or email asking you to:

  • Provide your ZooplaPro login details 
  • Enter your login details onto any other page than https://pro.zoopla.co.uk/login/ 

If your system automatically clears cookies, you may be frequently asked for verification when logging in. To avoid this, you should set your browser to save cookies for pro.zoopla.co.uk.

If you experience any difficulties, check out the ZooplaPro password and login troubleshooting article. 

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