How to add a new ZooplaPro user


A ZooplaPro login is beneficial for anyone who:

  • Carries out market appraisals or preparation
  • Monitors leads
  • Checks branch performance
  • Looks for market research and insights
  • Uploads and manages listings

You can have as many ZooplaPro logins as you need at no additional cost. Each team member should have their own access to ZooplaPro. 

To add a new user, please submit a written request to the Member Services team. You can either email, or, click Submit a request below and complete the contact form, ensuring you include the:

  • Name of the new user
  • Email address of the new user
  • Which branch they require access to


To ensure the security of your customers and business, ensure team members don't share a ZooplaPro login

 Best practice

Once the new member is added, remember to add them to your team in your Branch Profile


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