How can I add or update my MarketView outcodes?


Outcodes form a vital part of Views which are setup for use in MarketView Reports and Email alerts.

Each view can consist of up to 10 outcodes, and sectors within each. Views act as a predefined set of property and area criteria.

 Best practice

Rather than only having outcodes for the key areas that you cover, consider adding outcodes for the areas that you wish to break in to, which can help you expand your reach into new regions. By adding these outcodes, you can keep an eye on what the market is doing and it's performance, and look for additional areas where you may also perform well in

Additional outcodes can be added and existing ones amended by Member Services. Submit a request to: 

  • Add additional outcodes
  • Remove existing outcodes
  • Amend existing outcodes


Up to 10 outcodes are permitted per account. Please inform Member Services which outcodes should be removed if you are requesting more than 10

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