Check your branch ranking with the Competitor analysis report


The Competitor analysis report shows where your branch ranks against competitors for clickthrough rates in your catchment area, or areas, for the last calendar month.

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Competitor analysis overview

  1. Log in to ZooplaPro
  2. Click the Manage performance tab
  3. Click Competitor analysis

The Competitor analysis report acts as a good overall indicator as to how all your listings are performing month on month. You can clearly see how you rank amongst your competitors, what your Average clickthrough rate is as well as your Overall clickthrough rate average.

You can choose whether to view the report as a List or as a Chart. The Chart view can make it easy to see the variation in clickthrough rates across multiple competitor branches.

If you want to change or add to the catchment areas that you're reporting on, click Change and you can then add up to 10 outcodes, separated by commas.

Click Print/Save as PDF if you wish to keep a local copy of the report. You might wish to have a printed copy in your branch so you can monitor the rates over several months, as well as monitor improvements after you make amendments to your listings.

 Best practice

  • If you find your branch slipping down the list, you might want to review your listings - refresh the primary photo or take new ones, and update their descriptions. This can help capture and engage potential applicants, and encourage them to click into the listing to view more about it, increasing your clickthrough rate
  • If you identify the listings that are under performing via the categories under the Manage listings tab, you might decide to give them a boost by making them a Premium Listing or a Featured Property (Membership permitting). The listing will then benefit from an enhanced presence in search results, which will help with its exposure, generate an increase in clickthrough as well as boost the amount of leads you receive


Refining your analysis

Rather than showing the clickthrough rate for all listings, you can filter by Listing type.

  1. Click the Listing type dropdown menu
  2. Click either Residential sales or Residential lettings depending on your account
  3. Select the property information you want to filter by such as the Property type, Beds min/max, Price min/max and whether or not to Exclude commercial properties
  4. Click Update report

By refining your report, you can break down and identify where your clickthrough rate is high and where it is struggling. For example, you might be ranked highly for house sales in your outcodes, but for flats or farms and land, you might be really low. With this in mind, you can take steps to improve your clickthrough rate on different property types, whether that be through updating how you market these properties with your photos and descriptions, or if you need to consider other marketing techniques or make use of additional portal enhancements included as part of your membership.


For any enquiries, contact your Account Manager or Member Services. You can either email, or, click Submit a request below and complete the contact form

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