What does my ZooplaPro Dashboard show?


Once logged in to ZooplaPro, the Dashboard provides an overview of your agency activity for a set date range which you can change using the date range tool.


The data displayed on the Dashboard provides you with information about your agency engagement on Zoopla, and also provides you access to key reports and marketing materials. 

This article includes: 

 Your Leads

The Your Leads section provides a snapshot of your leads within a given date range.

  1. Click the calendar to select the date range 
  2. The Total leads section shows an overview of the leads coming through
  3. The other section shows a breakdown of those leads into Emails, Phone Calls and a percentage of the Calls Answered. It also acts as a shortcut to the emails and Phone leads section of the Leads report in ZooplaPro so you can see a breakdown of these
    For more information on the Leads report, click here


  • Calls Answered includes any call leads that were connected to your answerphone, whether a message was left or not
  • For more information on your branch performance using Performance overview, click here

Your MarketView

Your MarketView can be toggled between Sales and Lettings (if you have the department enabled), and gives you details on how you rank on total listings For Sale (or To Let), New Instructions, properties that are Sold (or Let) and those with Price Reductions. The details that display alongside your ranking are a result of a comparison against all other agents who have at least one property on the market in your outcodes.

Click any of the tiles to go to the relevant report (Share of listings, New instructions, Sold, Price reductions), where you can then change the search criteria and date range. 


Areas/Outcodes are relevant to your market views within Manage market views, your Market email alerts and individual reports within All market activity
For more information on how to add or update your outcodes, click here
For more information on market views, click here
For more information on Market email alerts, click here

Your Properties

Your Properties shows graphs for the number of times the property has appeared in search results on Zoopla, across desktop and mobile (Search views), and the number of visits a property listing has received on the listings detail page (Detailed views). A visit could come from various sources ranging from a social media link, a share on a messaging app or from a search engine.


  • Search clicks are the number of times the property listing has been clicked on from the search results page. This can be toggled between Daily, Weekly and Monthly 
  • You'll notice a variation between Detailed views and the search clicks number as Detailed views can be accessed from other sources and aren't solely limited to the search results page on Zoopla


Three report shortcuts are linked in this section:

  • Listing performance report - This is a bespoke customisable report that can be emailed or printed for your customers to gain a clear view of how their property is performing
  • Comparables report builder - This allows a highly customisable report to be built and taken out on market appraisals. It provides evidence of how similar properties in the area are performing, using current and historic data
  • Monitor market - This links to Your market position and can be used for targeted canvassing and performance analysis, whilst providing insights into your local market

Marketing materials

Shortcuts for some of our popular marketing materials are listed here and can be ordered to be delivered directly to your branch.

Click More resources to view and order any additional marketing materials (Marketing order materials). Downloadable marketing materials can be found within the Manage account tab (Marketing download materials).
For more information on how to Download and order marketing materials, click here

If you click News and trends, you will be taken to the News and trends page on Zoopla Advantage. Zoopla Advantage is a free to access website where we share our property insights, industry research and news.

Our News and trends range from local area market data findings, to reports such as the House Price Index Report and the Quarterly Rental Market Report, which provide an indication of the market conditions across the country. We also have articles and videos from industry professionals.

There are articles covering news and updates as well as upcoming market changes and discussions about market affairs. 

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