How to upload rental listings in ZooplaPro


When manually uploading a rental listing, it's important that you ensure each of your listings has all the necessary information added, so that you can achieve the best possible marketing for your landlord.

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How to upload a rental listing

  1. Log in to ZooplaPro
  2. Click on Properties in the tab menu, and select UK residential to rent 
  3. Click Add Listing
  4. All fields marked with * are mandatory and have to be filled in
  5. Work through the fields
  6. Click Save and your property will be live on Zoopla within the hour

 Best practice

  • A good description that mentions key and sought after details, working in conjunction with an appealing primary photo and other photos of value, can help to improve your clickthrough rate
  • If you copy the description text, make sure you copy it in to a text editor first, such as Notepad to prevent formatting issues 
  • Make sure you save regularly to avoid browser timeouts issues that could cause you to lose your work

Setting details

  • Administration Fees can be copied using the generic branch text, or entered manually if needed. You can choose from one of the following: 
    • Fees Apply - Use Generic branch text: This will use the branch text saved in the Branch Profile
    • No administration fees - No further action is needed, and no fees will be displayed on the property listing 
    • Fees Apply - enter details below: Enter the fees which apply to this specific property
  • Additional Features will show as bullet points on your listing  

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