How can the Property Valuation Report benefit me?


The Property Valuation Report provides the benefit of up-to-date insights in to data such as:

  • A property’s value over time
  • The average sell time in the area
  • Analysis of the local market 

The Property Valuation Report is an exclusive report that uses unique methodology built by Hometrack. Hometrack is trusted by major mortgage lenders, house builders and government bodies across the UK. This report helps you to be confident that your valuation is based on fact.

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Property Valuation Reports on Desktop

This article includes: 

Benefits of the report

The Property Valuation Report can equip your branch with powerful property and local market insights, helping you provide value to prospective customers, and boost your credibility.

To help ensure you stand out, each report that is generated is co-branded with:

  • Your agency logo
  • Agency profile
  • Your contact details

Generating your report

  1. Log in to ZooplaPro
  2. Click the Reports tab
  3. Click Property Valuation
    Before you scroll down to the Property details section, you can click Download sample report if you wish to view an example of a valuation report. You can also click the Find out more link to access a detailed breakdown of all aspects of the report
  4. In the Property details section, click the Postcode field and type in the postcode of the property. Click the magnifying glass and a list of matching property addresses will populate the Address field to be selected from the dropdown menu
  5. Select the Property type and the number of Beds, Receptions and Bathrooms from their respective dropdown menus
  6. Click the Year Built field and type in the year the property was built, if known
  7. Click the Size field and enter the size of the property in square feet or square metres, if known
  8. Click the tick box to confirm you agree to send the information to Hometrack and Zoopla
  9. Click Continue
  10. A preview of your valuation will be generated outlining the Current capital value and the Value range. Add your customers name and a note in the available fields to personalise the report
  11. Click Generate Report

Understanding your report

  • Branding: Your logo, branch name, branch profile and contact details will be automatically pulled in from ZooplaPro
  • Contact details: The customers’ name and property details that you provide when generating the report will be added to the cover of the report with a timestamp
  • Your property summary provides a snapshot of the property that is being valued and displays details about the property type, the year it was built, the number of rooms and the total floor area.
    If there happens to be any missing information, it will be marked as unknown
  • The Market insights section provides detailed local property market insights. These include sale-to-asking price ratio, average time on market for properties nearby, as well as search data that indicates the current demand in the area

These data can be invaluable in shaping valuation discussions with prospective vendors and landlords.


 Best practice

Print the report and take it with you as a talking point to support your valuation and leave behind your brand. Alternatively, Email the report directly to the prospect after your presentation as a follow up

  • The Recent activity near you section summarises nearby properties that are currently on the market, and their listing prices for additional context. Any properties that you are marketing are prioritised, to help demonstrate your local coverage
  • Your valuation powered by Hometrack outlines independent property valuation information based on Hometrack’s purpose built, automated valuation methodology. It’s comprised of a valuation for both sales and rental, price changes since last sale of property, gross rental yield and more. The valuation is intended to provide you with a starting point to aid price discussions. Once you have seen the property, you will be able to give an expert view on the recommended listing price


 An example of a property valuation report


  • Get more information on the Property Valuation Report
  • If the Property Valuation Report is not enabled for your agency, contact Member Services or your Account Manager
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