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AdReach Express is our award winning self-service, location based, lead generation tool which helps you target potential vendors and landlords after they've left the Zoopla site. It uses Zoopla data to increase the precision of your online targeting, to help you build an online presence and stay top of mind.


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How AdReach Express works

Our self service tool enables you to create custom ads and serve them directly to vendors and landlords in your local area, in minutes.

We monitor multiple touch points across By tracking user behaviour, we're able to determine which users are likely to be vendors, and are therefore able to identify high-value traffic with a strong tendency to convert into a lead.

By targeting the location of your choosing, AdReach Express will showcase your adverts to highly-engaged vendors across their Facebook and Instagram channels.

Every user that clicks on your advert will be driven to a personalised chatbot experience. This custom-built bot starts the conversation and then swiftly sends your lead directly into your property management software, be it Alto, Jupix or Expert Agent.

Setting up AdReach Express

To get started using AdReach Express, you can book your campaign in less than five minutes on the following webpage
Click Let's Go and you'll be asked to fill in your contact and branch details, and then you can upload the imagery to create your ad. You can select the subscription option that works best for you.

Designing your campaign

You should always use a property image which is a great example of the quality of photography you offer, and try to choose a property which best reflects the style of home you're aiming to attract.
When you're prompted to upload your logo, ensure it's a high quality image which can help to promote your brand in the best possible light.

Targeting your campaign

When deciding how to target your ad, you can choose the radius from your branch in which you want to gain leads. The broader your radius, the more leads you're likely to receive, but you also want to consider the value of those leads - if you're in an area with a high turnover of property, you might be better off just aiming for valuations in your core operating area.

 Best practice

You can adjust the targeting yourself any time, so think specifically about the kind of properties you need immediately, and then reset the radius as and when you need to

Keeping your campaign up to date

You'll get an email every week giving you insight in to the performance of your AdReach Express campaign. This includes figures on impressions - the number of times your ad has been seen by a vendor or landlord in your targeted area.
You'll also see the number of clicks the ad has received. Keep an eye out each week to see how this value varies as this may tell you if a particular property photo is giving better results, or give you an insight into market trends in your area.

If you want to see what your current campaign looks like, click preview your advert at the bottom of the email. If you're ready to refresh the images, or you want to change the target, click Edit your booking in the email.

 Best practice

In order to give your advert the best chance of success, you should update the property image every 6-8 weeks

Understanding demographics - converting leads

The leads you receive through AdReach Express are likely to be a different demographic to leads you'll get from more traditional advertising streams, such as local newspaper advertising or leaflets. 
With the AdReach Express chat bot pre-qualifying the leads, you've already got the basic information you need to book the appointment. It's key here to book valuations quickly - these potential vendors will be expecting quick replies to their valuation request, and are more likely to be looking for a face to face appointment in the next day or two.

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